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Autumn Blood (2013) movie rape scene near a lake


With Autumn Blood you discover again violence of men

Autumn Blood is an Austrian Thriller, where two orphan face the cruelty of men. One hunter rape the sister after her swim in a lake, all the village brutalize them !

Autumn Blood rape scene with Sophie Low
The cruelty of men show in movie
Sophie Low nude in nature
Nude she don’t know that someone is watching her

The desire to possess other’s body

The scene start in a peacefull natural place, Sophie Low swim in water. Nude, alone, she doesn’t know that a guy watch her. Glaring her nude and young body, he want her…

At start he caress her hair to show her his interest, but she don’t seem to want it. So he push and start to be more agressive, but she fight back and hurt him… There only anger and frustration speak. He jump on her and strangle her, he will forced her to sex with all his strenght.

Sophie Low rape scene
As she resist he became more violent

Rape scene review : A good philosophycal scene – A

This scene is not really graphic, but it’s more aesthetic. I like the way the first approach is smooth and gentle, showing her that he like her. It depict most of the rape case, the guy first want to fuck, but as she refuse… He decide to do it anyway !

With sex, it seem men can’t understand no is no. I think this scene may really well depict how a common rapist think (not serial rapist or serial killer). All his about desire and frustration.

Autumn Blood forced sex scene with Sophie Low
He start by a gentle approach, but in his mind he will fuck her any reply she can give.
Date: November 21, 2022
Actors: Sophie Lowe

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