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Blood Orange (2016), Iggy Pop save Karcey Clarke from rape attempt


Blood Orange a rare movie with Iggy Pop

But Blood orange is not a good movie, a strange name is often hide crap plot. The story is about a, Old rock star (Iggy Pop) living in his villa with his beautiful and sexy wife (Kacey Barnfield). But suddenly a trouble maker come to disturb this, seem to be, paradise.

Kacey Barnfield in Blood orange movie
The sexy Kacey Barnfield in swimsuit
Kacey Barnfield in Blood orange movie
The gardener seem to love her body

Rape scene review : Hot and short – 15/20

As it’s an attempt you will not see many flesh or tits, but the scene is good ! Kacey Barnfield is really hot in her swimsuit, you can see her frontal nude in Lake Placid 3.

If you like short struggling scene you will like it !

Kacey Barnfield sexual attack scene in a movie
She try to resist as hard as she can
Blood orange Kacey Barnfield rape scene
Such sexy woman is a mind trap for men
Date: December 8, 2022

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