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Prison Heat rape scene with the marvelous Lori Jo Hendrix


One of the most Women jail movie “Prison Heat”

In 1993 a new female in jail movie his the desire of all men “Prison Heat“. The plot is as usual, four innoncents (and hot) babes are arrested during a travel, and imprisoned by the corrupt justice and cops.

Among the girls is Lori Jo Hendrix, who play the shy but terribly sexy victim that the chief warden will abuse, as others prisonners. Nobody can forget her massive tits, let’s discover them !

hot Lori Jo Hendrix rape scene
Warden chief want to fuck this hot body

Small plot but big big boobs

I never saw the movie, put the plot is really simple and an excuse for some hot rape scene and frontal nudity. In 90’s it’s the era of fake tits, and lot of actress got massive breast with surgery. Lori is among them, and she played in this movie just for this reason.

But we can’t be hypocrite… We watch those kind of movie just for that too… In this short scene Warden chief ask her to visit him, but it’s not to see if she’s going well, what he want it’s to fuck her.
And like in all femal in jail movies, the warden love to abuse of their power to rape their prisonner, especialy when they are young and sexy.

He rip her cloth to molest her tits, and push her against the wall, to fuck her. No fucking will be shawn, the movie is erotic not pornographic, but you have some nice nude breast shoot.

Prison Heat Lori Jo Hendrix rape scene
Those tits are the main goal of this movie
Prison Heat hot rape scene with warden rape Lori Jo Hendrix
Raped bent to the table, the scene is hot

Rape porn review : Really hot, doesn’t get old

Even if quite old Prison Heat is always hot ! The wonderfull body of Lori Jo is the main reason about it ! I love how rough the Warden get her and rip her shirt to lick her breast. Short scenes are often the best one, especialy in mainstream movie.

Let enjoy this cult rape scene, more will come tomorrow.

Lori Jo Hendrix nude in shower
You can stare he sexy body even more in the shower scene
Date: November 24, 2022
Actors: Lori Jo Hendrix

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