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The Abduction of Lisa McVey abuse scene

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Abduction ! NEVER do the same in real life

Abduction of Lisa McVey is about a true story, where a girl get kidnap and abuse for 26 hours by the serial killer Bobby Joe Long.

This guy was a sick bastard, never imit him, fantasy just have to stay fantasy. Hopefully Lisa survived, not like the 10 other victim, but her life is lot of trauma.

I know this blog is about rape fantasy, it can feel quite hard, but there is limit between fiction and reality ! Keep it as fiction and keep the world safe for women !

Abduction of a girl in cycle
Here the begining of 26h of nightmare
Abduction of Lisa McVey forced sex scene
One of the worst monster of humanity…

Rape scene review : Brutal show of the reality – S

The scenes are not really graphic without much skin, but they are hard. You can’t stop to imagine the pain the poor girl had to endure during a full day. Hope it will be a warning for everyone that monster can hide near them.

It’s really strange how men can be so hideous, psychology got a lot to learn. Abduction, rape and abusing all those perversion can happen everyday…

Abduction of Lisa McVey movie
The story is true and awful
Abduction of Lisa McVey forced sex scene
Poor girl meet a monster
Date: January 30, 2024
Actors: Katie Douglas

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