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Sapore Di Donna rape scene with Valentine Demy


Here Valentine Demy in a short but good scene from the movie Sapore Di Donna.
She’s attacked by a men in her house, and he fuck her on her bed while she try to resist. A really good scene.

Valentine Demy Rape scene
The guy broke up to rape her

Sapore di donna is a Italian erotic film from 1993, even if the movie is not such old, it’s been filmed like vintage production.
What is nice at this time the natural body of actress, here Valentine Demy got really nice tits, firm with good nipples. So sa the scene is really short !

Valentine Demy sex scene
She gonna be raped on the bed

My rape porn review ; pretty good

Short but intense, I really like movie rape scene because, they are fast with lot of impact. Even if you would like to Watch more of nude actress, the less you see the horniest you be !

After all i’m not sure that sexual agression length during hours…

redhead mivue rape scene form Sapore Di donna
He rape this pretty Redhead on the bed
Date: April 30, 2019
Actors: Valentine Demy

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