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Kajínek violent rape scene with a tied woman


Scene from the movie about Jiří Kajínek the famous criminal

Short rape scene from the movie about the criminal Jiří Kajínek produced in 2010. I didn’t saw the full movie, so I can’t explain what happen.

It seem that a business woman is taken in an abandonned place, undressed and tied standing. While she cry all the gangsters rape her, each one after the other. I don’t know why they took her but it must be something with Czech’s mafia… There is really few info about it in the web.

No one can hear her screaming

Petra Arnautová performance in the rape scene

The sene is really short but still really brutal. The actress do a good job, i don’t know why she had to suffer all of this, I didn’t watch the full movie. But I guess it’s never good for anyone, and especially women, to turn around criminals.

Those kind of guys don’t bother and have any emotions about torture and violence. So I advice to avoid them as much as you can, the risk is great !

kajinek movie rape scene
All the guys will abuse and rape her

Rape scene review : Too short to rate.

At least it’s not a bad scene, there is really crapy rape scenes is somes movies. Obviously not in this site, I try to share only the good one, but maybe later I’ll share some shitty scene.

The scene is not really graphic, you don’t see so much only the actress nude body.

czech rape scene from movie
A really violent treatment for a woman

Who is Jiří Kajínek ?

There is not so much information about this criminal, Czech Republic is a small country. We know that he break from a fortified prison where he should pass a life sentence. He was the only prisonner to escape from this place.

Maybe one day I’ll try to watch the movie, it don’t have bad rate and even got an award. CNC movie scene can bring a bit culture ! But culture is better 🙂

kajinek violent rape scene
Seem it’s about a real story, men can be cruel
Date: October 29, 2022

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