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Ma première fois (viol), french brutal rape scene

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“Le viol” women first fear

“Ma première fois” is a short film from France who depict a violent rape (viol in french). Less than one minute it’s still really rough !

It seem that the scene is about a woman who go to a party, but fall in the hand of bad guys. And as the title of the video suggest this rape will be her first sexual experience.

Jeune femme violée par deux hommes dans la nuit
The scene is short but brutal
viol porno "ma première fois" court métrage
Theu fuck her and film the viol

Women violence is now filmed

In this video not only the guy rape the young woman, but also take picture and video of it. It’s really strange because it’s a common fact, to add more humiliation.

Why film your crime ? Maybe it’s because the importance of porno twisted our mind. Maybe not, during vietnam war many soldiers took pictures of their barbaric act with proud.

Maybe if vikings could have smartphone they would do the same… As hunter take picture with their prey, it’s a twisted pride of their power.

Sadly women and children are the victim of this violence ! I hope those movies could calm visitors lust, and act like a placebo.

It’s not to encourage rape fantasy, but to give a way to canalise this destructive lust and desire of domination.

Hope it work ! Many women are broken by the viol, and that not a vision of the world I wish.

vidéo de viol d'une jeune femme porno xxx
You can see despair in her eyes
french rape porn video ma première fois
No love or passion, just lust and brutality

Rape porn review : A+ brutal and short

It’s rare to find in 2020 rape scene with good acting, and this one is one of the best I find this year !

It’s a bit brutal and it’s not porn, more a french prevention video like this one about marital rape (another even more common drama)

Ma première fois




Girl appealing


Setting up







  • short but brutal
Date: August 2, 2023
Actors: Emilie Aubertot

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