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Jogger raped in Central Park


A man is surpised to see a group of thug assaulting a woman, she’s a jogger in Central Park. While he run to help her, they undress her breast to molest her big boobs… The fear to be to late….

They decide to grap her in a quiet place to gang rape her !

Woman gang rape in Central Park
Many men on her like a pack of wolf
Jogger gangrape in daytime
They take her away to fuck and rape her
Woman gangraped in central Park
The group rape her away from witness and help

Central Park is known for a place where you should not run alone at night. There was a case told in the movie “How they see us“, but many aggression are not told in TV…

In this movie the scene happen during day… What is rare, but it’s for a movie.

Date: October 5, 2019

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