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Girl trap by a dark web rape production movie


Dark Web rape fantasy in a fake movie with Kat Dior

A poor girl came for a casting, but fall in a trap and get gangrape by a dark web rape production. A great performance from Kat Dior. As always make some of the best CNC production you can find in internet.

Kat Dior violent gangrape
The opening scene is incredebly violent and brutal

The danger of dark web rape

The petite and pretty Kat came for a casting for some model and actress agency… But she don’t know that they seek lonely lady for more brutal production.

At home she got a call to warn her, that a group is at her door to make her first film… But she didn’t expected that this film will be one of the most violent and rough gangrape movie ever made… And she will be the star of this dark and violent porn, against her will.

Kat Dior violent forced oral sex
Looking for brutal CNC vids ? this one is for you

Rape porn review : Brutal and great acting – A+

If you love struggle and violent sex, this movie is for you. Sometime it even hurt me to see how Kat Dior have to endure all the scenes. There is really few videos as hard as this one.

The most violent you can find in this site is this extreme rape video. I don’t like violence and I will put limit when a movie go too far and the fantasy is not clear. Because remember rape is a crime, and all women in this site are actress (who got a hard job)

Kat Dior dark web rape video
Only the beginning of her suffering

Incredibly rough and brutal gangrape

One thing is sure, Kate Dior do the work. I can’t imagine how the can endure all this rough treatment. The opening of the scene is incredible, I don’t know how they didn’t hurt her…

Actress : The incredible Kat Dior

It’s the only CNC movie I know about her, but I’m admirativ of her performance… The acting is great, and she really take it hard as hell. This petite woman is a tough one !

Actors : The classic and good from

They are rough and brutal, you can think that they hurt her but it’s not the case. That it’s a professional acting, so don’t do the same unlesss you have lot of experience in CNC roleplay !

dark web rape and double penetration
The classic double penetration from

Don’t do the same in a roleplay

As i say, the plot is good, but the acting is really rough. You will easily hurt your partner if you try the same. You should start with more soft plot and game, you can find plenty of idea in this site.

Date: September 1, 2022
Actors: Kat Dior

5 thoughts on “Girl trap by a dark web rape production movie

  1. Very good, top notch! While it was rough, the young actress did say in the interview that she loved this so she was just receiving what she asked for and did enjoy it.
    Keep them coming.

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