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Grocery gang rape a classic CNC video

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The famous grocery gang rape movie

This grocery gang rape video is one of the most old and famous CNC video. Don’t remember from wich site it’s from, but I think that lot of view have seen it one day in their life. And maybe far more than one time !

chubby woman gang rape in her market
The don’t want the money but the pussy
violent grocery gang rape video
The poor victim is abused on the ground

OId and brutal scene

The setup is quick and violent, the grocery owner count the day profit when 2 guys break in. They are masked, with knife and jump on the poor lady. They quickly don’t take care of money and throw their victim on the ground.

She quickly know what they want, the worst horror, rape her ! She try to resist as much as she can, but she’s too afraid, she know that they will fuck and abuse her.

That kind of story sadly happen in reality like this rape attempte at York, this time with a better ending. Sadly lot of crazy men, scavenge every where, no place are safe for women, be vigilant.

brutal CNC video with owner of grocery gang rape on the ground
One of the most famous rape porn video
Violent threesome with big boobs lady abused
They also abuse her ass

CNC porn review : A classic among classic – A

Not my favorite but an historical video that deserve all intentions. The acting is good and the way it’s filmed make it really realist. There is no much violence or fighting, that was the soft russian rape era.

The girl is not the most pretty, but that give even more realistic vibe. And rape don’t involve only hot and sexy girls… All women can be victims of lust of men, chubby and old as well.

Date: June 13, 2023
Actors: Dark hair

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