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Gang rape at mobile shop


Working alone at the mobile phone shop late at night was a bad idea… Two masked guys came not to steal money, or phone… No they came to rape this pretty tall and slim blonde beauty.

two masked men raped a blonde woman
Two against a single woman, she got no chance

Worst drama happen at night

When the two burglar came for the money, they were deceived to find only 200$… Such disapointment need to be paid…

They decide quickly to fuck the seller, she’s quite cute, a bit skinny but with nice tits. She try to resist, but two versus one, she had no chance of escape.

They undress her violently on the floor, while one of them forced her to suck his dick. Once naked it’s time to fuck her !

Undressed woman rape porn movie
She try to resist but the undress and fuck her

Rape porn review : Great movie to watch

This is an old but really good movie, the acting is great and the rape seem very real… Not violent, but brutal as the victim’s cloth are riped, and she try to struggle as much as she can.

I can tell it’s on of my favorite movie, and you ?

Mobile shop gang rape porn
They fuck all the way the mobile shop owner

Talking about mobile phone, a new Policy in United states ask the victim to hand their phones, or see the rapist Walking free… That seem unsane… Some time fantasy sadly touch reality…

Date: September 22, 2019

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