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Outrages aux moeurs : short rape scene (viol)


Mother sacrifice her body in Outrages aux moeurs

poster of the movie outrages aux moeurs

In this short scene from the french movie of Pierre Unia “Outrages aux moeurs” (1985) a jaleous producer capture a mother (Laetita Thomas) and her daughter (Valérie Houlier).

The mother try to lure the crazt guy by taking a bath but she try to escape. He threat to rape her daughter, but instead she offer her body to the lust of their kidnapper.

He will fuck her wildly on a table, and tie her back to the bedroom once he finish.

Mother and daughter captured by a thief
Who choose to abuse ?
Laetitia Thomas nude in outrages aux moeurs
A sexy body awake dark lust !
Mature woman fuck by thief on a table
She decide to offer her pussy to save her daughter
rape scene from the movie Outrages aux moeurs
The scene is quite hot !

Rape porn review : Short but hot

As movie scene it’s more erotic than graphic, but Laetita Thomas is sexy as hell. Maybe a version where the rapist abuse the two women would have been great !

But it’s only cinema, not porn, so it have to stay soft !

Date: February 15, 2021

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