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Russ Meyer’s “UP!” (1976) hot rape scene


Russ Meyer is famous for sexploitation

I think few people today know the name of Russ Meyer, in the 70’s he was famous for his erotic movie.

In this short rape scene from the movie UP! a glamorous dark hair lady (Raven De La Croix) do hitchike. But the driver can’t resist to such wonderful tits, and want to have sex with her

After a short fight, he knock her out and can fuck her without resistance.

Raven De La Croix rape scene in UP
She can’t escape his lust
Russ Meyer Up! rape scene nude
The beauty run to escape her rapist
Raven De La Croix nude scene in Russ Meyer movie
The magnificient body of Raven De La Croix
Raven de la croix nude forced sex scene
Now he can fuck her

Rape porn review : A, Short but nice

The erotic soft rape of vintage era. Often it depict busty women, with natural tits.

Today most of the actress are slim with fake tits, so it’s always good to have a piece of nature.

Date: January 22, 2021

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