Brutal JAV
Brutal JAV
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Incredible woman raped during her coma


One rare coma rape porn video

Coma is not an easy state, we can’t imagine the number of women abused while they are disabled… In this movie the doctor find a pretty sexy woman to rape ! There is really few CNC movies with this plot, mainly because it’s really immoral !

And also because, sadly, it happen more often than we think, many man in hospital abuse patient.

Sexy woman raped during her coma
Abused while she wil maybe never wake up

Remember Kill Bill coma sex scene

The scene where Buck (Michael Bowen) abuse of Uma Thurman during her coma is the first thing many people thing.

This scene is more graphic, you can see the nice nipples of the victim, while the doctor remove her only protection.

Many people loved this scene, and you ? Did you find one better ?

abused and sex in hospital
Fuck with no memory of it, a terrible fate
blowjob on a coma woman
He remove her mask for the blowjob

Review of this CNC scene : Really good – A+

Sadly the movie is really old, it may not be the best quality, but it’s also really rare ! You will not find it in other site. All the job is made by the actor and he’s really good !

I love how he go deeper and deeper in the horror. Looking around if no one watching him, the actor make a really good work.

Woman rape during coma
In coma she can’t resist, or tell anyone

And let talk about of science

Rape fantasy is not all in life, let share about some medical science !

A comatic is a state of deep unconsciousness in which a person is unable to respond to their environment or to commands. The individual in a coma may not be able to move, speak, or open their eyes, and they may not have any awareness of their surroundings.

The cause of a coma can vary, but it is often the result of a serious injury or illness, such as a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or infection. Treatment for a coma depends on the underlying cause and the severity of the condition. In some cases, a person may recover from a coma, but in other cases, the individual may remain in a coma or progress to a vegetative state.

Date: January 20, 2023

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