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Men Only and it’s short gangrape scene with Zoe Telford


Really short rape scene from the movie “Men Only” 2001

Men Only” is a dramatic TV show realised by the english direcctor, Peter Webber. It’s about a group of boys who will go in extreme behaviour to prove what it mean to be a “man“.

That also include the worse, like the gang rape of a nurse (Zoe Telford) and take it in the camera.

TV show rape scene
Really short scene but will catch your heart
English TV show shocking rape scene
Her scream give shiver

Rape scene review : Short and violent

The scene really short, about a minute, but violent by his realisation. You can see the poor girl nude and held down by two boys while the third fuck her. Her scream is really touching, you hear her begging no and her cry, but that don’t stop them.

It’s really realistic, it can be quite disturbing. Especialy because the actress got a really sexy curvy body, and between lust and horror, this scene give guilt feeling.

Irreversible is still the more unbelievable rape scene from the mainstream, but this one is still catchy.

For the movie, I didn’t watch it, but if someone can share is feeling, this would be great !

Men only rape scene with Zoe Telford
Guilty feeling between her sexy body and her pain
Zoe Telford nude in Men Only
Three guys with the wrong way to be a man
Date: December 26, 2021
Actors: Zoe Telford

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