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Movers rape slim russian beauty during work

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A russian rape porn with perverts and violent movers

Movers are known to be strong and viril men, but what happen when they are alone with a lonely woman ? This Russian rape porn video depict two of them abusing a pretty girl. They think that fucking this sexy babe is more interesting than working !

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The Shameek Miller’s case !

That kind of plot also happen in reality, like Shameek Miller who raped and sodomized his victim.

A Staten Island mover who was found guilty of breaking into a female client’s house and viciously raping and sodomizing her, will spend more than 75 years in prison, the judge decided today.

Shameek Miller, 31, of Clifton, was given a prison term ranging from 77 1/3 to 82 1/3 years for attacking the woman on November 13 of last year in her Westerleigh home.He was found guilty of two counts of first-degree rape, one crime of first-degree criminal sexual act (formerly known as sodomy), one case of first-degree burglary, one count of second-degree burglary, and one count of third-degree grand theft.

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Incredible violence of the assault

During Miller’s trial, the victim testified that Miller “charged out at me” as she was carrying laundry to her basement at around 6:30 a.m. Miller worked for Rosebank-based Best Movers and assisted the victim in moving into her home two days prior to the attack.

She claimed that Miller gave her a powerful punch to the mouth, sending her “flying” across the basement’s concrete floor in Westerleigh. The f-foot, 110-pound single mother of two alleged that Miller bound her lips, wrists, and feet with packing tape before sexually assaulting her.

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Russian rapeporn review : I like it, nice acting and actors – A

Most of russian rape video are not incredible, but this one is good. I really like how she struggle during all the movie, even if she got no chance to escape. And she’s really cute and sexy, that always pleasant to have such actresses in this niche.

Good plot for rape roleplay at home

Especialy before you are going to leave your house. The perfect setup to do your last kinky role play before you leave your home. The male play the pervert and violent mover, while his wife play the poor victim of the drama.

Looking for other movers fantasy

There is this JAV porn with two movers abusing their client. It’s also really good, I hope you will love it. And if you like this actress, you can also find her in this bride forced sex video.

Date: August 2, 2023
Actors: Redhead

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