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Drink with friends turn into brutal gang rape

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A great gang rape porn from Russia

In this free russian video two guys gang rape their cute friend during a drink. They fuck and abuse her on a table without remorse.

She try to resist as much as she can, but her pussy will be penetrated by her old friends.

Her two friends try to remove her clothes
The assault is sudden and brutal
Cute russian girl fall in a gang rape
She fight back but she’s helpless in front of them

The friends reunion turn into the most awful drama

Roulio and Zangief had a call with Sasha to have a drink together. Sasha is a cute brunette, and the favorite of both of them during school. She have grown into a fine and pretty woman and they can’t remove their desire when they sight her.

With some alcohol the darkest thought come in their mind… She’s alone and both of them want to fuck her… Why not fucking her together, no one will believe her. Without any warning they jump and undress her. The poor Sasha tried to defend herself, but they quickly dominate and rape her.

cute brunette fuck against her will on a table
They fuck her on the table
Two friends gang rape old female schoolmate
Dominate and humiliate, used like just flesh

Gang rape porn review : old russian but still good – B+

This movie is quite old but always as good. The acting is nice, soft like all soviet CNC video, but still nice. I really like this actress who do a good job in most her movie.

Date: February 3, 2024

7 thoughts on “Drink with friends turn into brutal gang rape

  1. This same guy raped another Russian girl in military dress, with another friend while drunk. I’m unable to find that video now can anyone help?

  2. There’s another video in which this same girl is raped in the office by her boss (if I recall, it’s one of these same lucky bastards). Been searching for ages. Maybe you guys have it 🙂

      1. Many? I’ve only ever found 3. This, the office one, and the one in the forest. If there are more than that I’d really like to know what they are.

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