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Violent gangrape on skinny teen Amber Daikiri by soldiers

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The perfect violent gangrape porn video

CNC amateurs always love violent gangrape, maybe because it’s our most vile nature as men. Attacking a poor woman like a pack of wolves on a deer seem to arouse sexual insanity.

Soldiers are common rapist in many forced porn movie. Military men abusing women seem so common in the mind of people.

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Teen violent gangrape by soldiers-4

Crime of war is quite a common fantasy

If you visit this site, you will discover lot of movies with soldiers rape fantasy. During Irak war, lot of porn movies were produced. And there is a lot of russians forced movie in this thema, wich is sad when you see Ukrainian war and that it’s still an actual drama everyday in today’s world.

But rape history talk about it

Since the start of mankind warriors are rapist ! Winning a war is the right to rape the one you vanquish. So it’s normal that this vision is installed deep in every mind.

Even today with terrorism, their is sex slave trade and hostage violation. The horror of soldiers against women will be Eternal. That really sad, but it’s the cruel reality…

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Soldier rape fantasy porn

Rape porn review : One of the best violent gangrape – S+

Sadly I don’t have the video in HD, but as soon as I find it be sure i’ll upload it. did a great video with this one. A bunch of great actors and Amber Daikiri who is just perfect as the victim.

There is another perfect one with her from, but I have to reup it. Sadly as all followers may have seen, the site was shut down for few days. The result is that many videos were lost, and I have to reup them all… That’s a lot of work, but be patient all will be back and in better way.

Amber Daikiri just a perfect actress

She take it rough and got a good acting, She’s really perfect in the two movies she played. And each one is a violent gangrape. For those who love cute blonde with nice long leg and tight ass… You will love her !

The way she struggle and the forced oral scene are really perfectly acted !

Date: July 19, 2022
Actors: Amber Daikiri

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