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Poor chinese farmer became the spoil of war

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This woman farmer suffer of war rape

Humanity and war is a long couple of disaster and sadness. Farmer were always the victims of the destruction of the army…

Farms are set to fire while farmer women are rape, the violence never end during and after battles.

chinese woman prisonner of soldier during war
When you are captured by soldier it’s a bad news
chinese farmer fake gang rape porn
Each soldier fuck her on the ground

The brutal reality of men

Ching Yu is a young farmer, during years she’s working in Chinese country side with her family. But in 1943 japanese soldiers came to invade the country, and capture her.

But she have no secret to reveal of information of great value… No what they seek is to empty their ball of cum… War is long and they didn’t saw a cute and young woman since few month.

They tied her in the ground and fuck her, each on fucking her quickly… It’s been so long and they are so excited that they cum almost in the minute. But they are many so her pain will be longer.

And her humiliation is rude, each soldier staring her rape, no a single one to help her, or defend her purity. They are just lusty beasts, craving for sex and horny by their crime.

She just hope that they will finish it quicly and leave her… And hope that no child will born of this outrageous day.

soldier rape chinese farmer on the ground
Lusty soldiers can’t hold their lust !

Rape porn review : A+ Almost real

But hopefully fake ! The scene is really nice make, the woman acting is great as the guy who are really lusty.

I last also the fact that they cum quickly like most of real men. The only bad side is the censorship as usual in japanese porn.

Soldier rape fantasy is really common in forced fetish. You can find many movies in the site.

Soldiers brutal rape of a chinese farmer




Girl appealing


Settting up







  • Great acting
  • Actors are really lusty and horny
  • Quite brutal and realistic


  • Japanese censorship
Date: August 1, 2023

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