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Violent abuse in a pornographic video

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Violent abuse on a pretty Russian babe

Another sexual violent abuse porn from mother country Russia ! Bless this country to have so much cute woman playing in CNC porn. This time the scene take place in the street, two guys kidnap a pretty girl to fuck her.

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two men do a sexual assault on a cute young woman
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Violent abuse of women and rape culture

It’s really important to make the difference between pornographic fantasy and reality. Male don’t own women body, and it’s not because men are build strong that they can abuse female.

Just turn the table, no men would like to feel the dick of a stronger guy in his ass. So it’s stupid to abuse of weaker being. We could never call ourself as modern being with such primitive behaviour… And even in prehistoric time, we are not sure that rape happened…

pornographic video of a violent abuse attack
Russian blonde babe raped in threesome after kidnapping
Date: September 16, 2023

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