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Her walk in the rain finish in a net, and vicious perverts men


The rain while she came back

When the rain fall, street in are empty and no one can see a group of men kidnapping a poor student.

They capture her with a net like a fish, and take her to a desert home to violate her.

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Three old men abuse a poor student

Schoolgirl and student is one of the main fantasy in japan, Nokimo know it and she’s careful everyday. She had encounter many stalkers and molesters… As she’s got really beautiful tits, firm and big, she know that men are predator for her.

But today there is lot of rain, she come back for university alone at foot. She missed the bus, and try to return quickly to her warm place. But three neighbors are waiting for her…

It’s been many days they are stalking her, looking all her path, and seeking the best to trap her. They decide that today it’s the best one to capture her…

Each of them is to coward to attack Nokimo alone, but the three of them will have the strength to fuck her ! With a net they kidnap her in the street and take her to an abandoned place.

She’s so sexy and lovely, they can feel their dick growing even while she has her cloth. They can’t wait to remove them. First they grop her tits and love to molest them. As they love to touch her pussy… Her skin is so smooth…

Nokimo is too afraid to fight, but that will not stop them… They will fuck her in all position, force her to do blowjob, and each one of them will cum inside her… An other horrible rape in Japan.

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Rape porn review : A+, great tits and acting

Too bad there is always those japanese censorship, but the movie is really good.

The girl have really nice tits and act greatly the despair… You can feel there is no escape, but she hope of it.

The men are also good, they make really feel that they crave for a fresh young woman to fuck… And they enjoyed it fully.

In the next movie we will move in USA in a dark street. Keep watching until tomorow.

Rape and rain in japan




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Setting up




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  • Japanese censorship
Date: January 21, 2021

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