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Tragique après-midi d’automne, french rape video


The full CNC movie Tragique après-midi d’automne

Tragique après-midi d’automne, it’s a old french porn movie where 3 friends get sexually abuse by a group of men. It’s a rare full movie thant you can find everywhere.

It got the raw violence of french production, that you can find in the movie Baise-moi.

butt slaping porn video
They love to slap her butt
Tragique après-midi d'automne viol porno français
The gangrape scenes are brutal

The extreme violence of french rape porn

This movie is really violent, there is extreme degradation like golden shower and fist fucking. It’s something to be carefull to use in your roleplay session. If CNC porn is mainly about sexual domination, there is also a darkest part.

It’s when misogyny is too much present, and sex is no more about desire but hate ! I really don’t like this part of rape fantasy, I prefer the bestial lust part. It’s why comment about Women being slut or deserve bad treatment are forbidden.

CNC fantasy is about sharing this bestial lust that modern life diminish. But in the respect of each other, without hurt and always with consent.

violent fist fucking pornographic video
Lot of degradation and extreme sex
Porno de viol Tragique après-midi d'automne
The raw brutality of french rape porn

Rapeporn review : Raw and brutal – B+

This video is the contribution on Discord by Hurricane, thanks to him.
Difficult for me to rate this movie, I’m not fond of too much degradation and humiliation. I know some following this site love it.

The movie is quite old, so the quality is not in HD, the good part it that it make it realistic. The actresses make also a really good job, they are convincing. And they look natural and normal, that put more for the real look part.

I don’t think they played in many other forced kink videos, but I’ll look for them.

Date: May 11, 2023

4 thoughts on “Tragique après-midi d’automne, french rape video

  1. One of the first if not first real pornos i ever saw… I was hoping to see titties and maybe a pussy and what i saw was one rape after another… I thought it was a normal porno… I kept watching every night lol

  2. This is now probably my favorite rape fantasy video. Just wish it was in better quality. Yes, full of misogyny and degradation but it’s the taboo that make it hot. People like Hollywood crime movies – don’t meant they criminals.

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