Illusion Software the end of an era

Last break news : the termination of Illusion Software

Those who love eroge games know the name of Illusion Software, it was the greatest sexual game studio. It gain a vile reputation in 2006 with the release of Rapelay, a rape simulation video game. But it’s since 1997 that the studio produce many games that shacke the gaming world.

A preview of many video games of illusion software
The studio produce many great games

A software company that will be a legend in this site

“Illusion” is a software company known for creating adult-oriented video games, specifically in the eroge genre. Eroge, short for “erotic game,” refers to video games that contain adult or sexual content.

Illusion is a Japanese company founded in 1997. They gained significant attention for their releases in the 2000s and 2010s. Creating games with virtual reality elements, character customization, and adult themes. Some of their popular titles include “Artificial Girl,” “Rapelay,” “Artificial Academy,” and “PlayHome.”

The main selling point of Illusion’s games is their extensive character. Creation systems, allowing players to customize the appearance and personalities of in-game characters to a remarkable degree. This high level of customization, combined with the adult content, has attracted a niche audience within the gaming community.

Illusion Software logo and ending
The end of a great video game company

But all legend got controversy

It’s important to note that Illusion’s games have generated controversy and have been subject to criticism due to their explicit content and themes, particularly the portrayal of sexual activities involving non-consenting characters in some of their earlier titles.

The gaming industry is vast and diverse, with different companies catering to various genres and audiences. Illusion’s focus on adult-oriented games sets them apart from mainstream game developers, and their products are not commonly found on mainstream gaming platforms due to their explicit content.

Keep in mind that the information provided is based on the state of knowledge up to September 2021, and developments may have occurred since then. Additionally, adult content in video games can be subject to different regulations and societal norms in various regions, so the availability and acceptance of Illusion’s games can vary depending on the country or jurisdiction.

preview of the video game Room Girl
Sadly Room Girl didn’t save the company of the bankroot

The reason of the failure ?

Their game could only be distributed in Japan, mostly most of players didn’t buy them but donwload them. You can download few of Illusion Software in the site, like Playclub, and I’ll add more, so their legacy will not end.

The last realease of the new game Room Girl, was also an failure. With a boring gameplay and no really improvement from Honey select 2, and without forced sex. Many fans were waiting a sequel to Playhome, will never see their dream come true… Now we only have Virt-a-Mate for CNC simulation.

With chance, another studio will get their technoloy and create again game in this niche.

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