Brutal JAV
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Retro forced sex scene with mafia

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I really like retro and vintage rape movie, there is always a plot, and they have some kind of ambience.

In the actual movie, the action is all about sex, a unknow muscular guy game and roughly fuck a no name sexy girl… That’s not good, there is a need for a plot to make a good movie.

In this movie a pretty blonde woman get kidnapped by the mafia, tied and raped by three men…

Mafia undress a pretty blonde woman
She’s naked and groped and don’t know why

Why so much violence ?

The kidnpaping happen in daylight, oftenly when Mafia attack a woman is because her husband ha to repay money.

What an horrible fate, you are not the cuplrit but ou have to pay with you body for him… the lady will try to resist but they are three stronger men, while their boss witness the rape, she can’t do anything

Retro rape porn movie
she got some nice and sexy Bra

She got something inside her

You will have to wait the end of the movie (if you are patient) to discover the reason of this rape… The girl hide a microfilm in her vagina… She was a undecover cop who try to trap the Mafia.

I don’t think fucking a woman would remove anything inside her pussy, It would be the opposite effect. But as I said ! It’s better with a plot, even some plot hole 🙂

Date: August 25, 2019

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