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Bride raped by her bestfriend and her mate


Another great bride raped russian video

Bride raped is a classic from russian CNC porn, there is many sites like This one is from, wich got lot of russian niche videos.

This video is special, as it’s a couple who abuse of the bride ! For those who love lesbian rape, you will like this video.

bride meet her futur rapist
She meet her bestfriend husband, and it will turn badly

The encounter turn in sexual drama

Once there was a beautiful bride named Sarah who was getting ready for her big day. She was excited to marry the love of her life, but there was one thing that was weighing on her mind: she had never met her best friend’s husband.

Sarah and her best friend, Rachel, had known each other since childhood and had always been close, but Rachel had met and married her husband, John, while Sarah was abroad for work. Despite this, Sarah was happy for Rachel and had always hoped to meet John someday.

As Sarah was getting ready in her bridal suite, she couldn’t help but wonder what John was like. She had heard so much about him from Rachel, but she was still nervous to meet him.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and Rachel entered, followed by a tall, handsome man with a warm smile on his face. “Sarah, this is John,” Rachel said, introducing her husband.

But John was not the such kind and gentle guy she tought… Once he saw the cute and pretty Sarah and Rachel away, he start to touch and molest her. She resist and pull him away, but when Rachel is back all situation go worse.

The jealous Rachel don’t believe her girlfriend, and as she try to seduce her man, they decide to rape her together.

bride raped and forced to oral sex
What a nice girlfriend, she will do anything to make her man happy
russian bride raped porn video
They enjoy in couple the rape of the poor bride

Rape porn review : Not special but still nice because rare – B+

The acting is not the best you can find even for Russian production. But couple rape are really rare, there is a good one with lovers abusing a hitchiker.

The raped actress can also be found in some good movies that I will upload late. Special not for the woman rapist, she’s ultra hot and got really nice natural tits… Sadly I don’t remember to have see her in a video as victim… Life is cruel

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There is another russian movie in the same kink, ultra hot redhead bride rape by couple. It’s with my favorite actress, it worse to be see !

couple rape a slim and cute russian girl
This will be the worst day of her life
Date: January 5, 2023

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