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Chinese woman rape interrogation

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One of the few and rare chinese rape porn video

During the second world war many chinese women suffer of rape and abuse. Japanese soldier love to fuck pussy as examination methods.

This fantasy video show how a group of soldiers take a poor farmer and forced her. With no a glimpse of humanity they abuse and fuck their victim. War is just showing the true face of humans, monster in flesh that devour their kind.

Chinese woman gang rape by japanese soldier
The poor woman suffer of their sexual assault
Brutal gangrape of a chinese woman in a CNC porn
The acting of the video is top quality

Even if she don’t have the answer they just want to abuse her

It been month since Japanese army invaded China, a group of Nazi soldiers are still looking for rebels in the country side. But thoses men are not honorables, just the vil scum of humanity, they don’t care of rebels, of war and it’s outcome… They just seek one think, fuck and rape women as much as they can.

They use the false excuse of interrogation to capture every cute chinese women they cross… But they don’t care of any of their reply, only their pussy and tits are their goal. With savagery and violence, they ram and spoil the body of each girls in their hand.

During war, fear soldiers, it’s never good fate that await you !

Nazi solider moleste female prisonner
They molest the chinese woman at the begining
brutal gangrape on a female prisoner
They act like beast on a piece of meat

CNC porn review : Perfect acting, a masterpiece – A+

The actors and the actresses do a perfect job in this video, one of the best. The way they fuck her is raw and brutal, without any glimpse of humanity. And the woman playing the victim, stay calm, suffering inside her, just perfect interpretation.

This perfect realisation show also the horror that women got to endure. Their body are just a block a meat for men pleasure. It’s why we must fight against Incels and mysoginic thought, women have to live with the same right as men ! And same sexual fantasy as long it’s hurt no one !!!

Date: September 12, 2023

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