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Prisoners rape CNC a woman parachutist fall in the worse place


Prisoners rape CNC with a female parachutist

A weird movie, every plot is good for a prisoners rape CNC porn !! In this one a sexy parachutist fall near a group of prisoners… They run to her place, not to help her, but to fuck her !

The prisonner is a common rape fantasy, as those men don’t touch women for years, their lust is uncontrollable !

gangrape porn with prisonner attacking a woman
They jumpe like beast on her
parachutist get gangrape in a prisoner rape CNC video
Fianlly they can fuck a cute woman

The worst nightmare of women

I think this movie depict the worst nightmare for a woman but also the best dream for prisonners. To have a cut sexy babe falling from the sky is like a gift of god, especially for guy who can’t fuck when they want.

But for a woman, falling among a group of lusty brutal men, that’s the worst thing in life. To be fuck and rape by a dozen dick craving for flesh… Could you image a more horrible fate ?

They are so bestial that they even fuck her in the dirt and the mud… Seem mud is a common fetish in rape porn as in this lesbian movie.

In reality the parachutist are the rapist

Like in England when six members of Britain’s crack parachute Regiment gang rape a poor teenage girl… It happen in 1981 and they guys were just horrible beasts… With just three and five years of jail…

That show that even national soldiers can be a cruel rapist… Just keep it a fantasy…

parachutist group prisoners rape CNC in a field
No way to escape for those violent men
video of a gangrape in the mud
They even fuck her in the mud

Rape porn review: Plot from the sky

Overall the movie is more about gangbang rather than gangrape. But the plot is WTF !!! Just for it, this movie must be seen ! I really wonder who could think of this scenary.

“Why can’t we just put a parachutist fall in a sky and get rape ?”

“Yeah great idea, but where could she fall ?”

“In a prison ?”

“No guard would help her, but I like the prisonners idea !”

“No guard would help her, but I like the prisonners idea !”

I think some time strange idea emerge from men mind, but they always find someone to enjoy them.

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It’s the good place to find them, you will love this video with a woman working in a prison.

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Date: March 1, 2024

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