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Plumbers savage rape of a woman with their working tools


Be careful ! Many plumbers are big perverts !

During long time plumbers were main actors of pornography. In forced sex industry, there some movies with those guys coming and abusing their client. It seem it’s dangerous to have water flood in your home.

If you like this plot there is another great movie with a plumber in the site. Where the guy rather forced a cute young woman than working.

Sadly it also happen in reality, so be careful and stay safe ! Real rapist are not as soft as actors…

two plumbers rape a blonde woman in her home
Work and sex is not good together
Woman forced porn video with two plumbers
Their lust got no limit

Forced sex review : old but particular movie – B+

In this one, there is two plumbers who decide to abuse a blonde woman. The quality is old so don’t expect high resolution, but it give a touch of real to this movie. At this time there was a lot of rape porn movie in internet, it was the most popular fantasy.

The girl really put heart in job, because it must be hard to have tools in your pussy. To be a porn actress is really an hard job who deserve respect. For men is easier, at the moment you don’t play in Femdom movies !

oral rape in old forced porn movie
They will abuse of her in many way
rape and fuck on the ground porn viol video
an old movie but still good after time
Date: April 10, 2023
Actors: blonde

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