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Chloroform rape video with a pervert plumber


A new and old chloroform rape clip to discover

Chloroform rape video are quite popular in CNC fantasy. First, it don’t work, it’s dangerous, and just insane to do it to someone else ! Once said, you can keep it in fantasy and imaginery or do roleplay (without dangerous product).

cute young woman ass and a plumber
He seem to really love her ass

The plumber never came for work !

That the main question after watching this video… How the fuck a plumber get chloroform in his bag ??? One think is sure, that guy was never clean in his mind since the start !

Once he heard the voice of a female client, only one thing came in his mind… Fuck and rape her. And once she fall unconscious he will do all he want to her body.

A creepy situation.

chloroform rape video with a plumber
But he didn’t came her to work but to rape

Porn rape review : Old quality but you will like it – B+

Don’t have the name of the studio or the actress, but old video always give some new vibes. Actresses look less artificial that why I like to share them.

And also it’s rare to find those kind of stuff, as original site are dead and closed.

unconscious sexual assault porn
He abuse of her unconscious body

Would you try chloroform rape roleplay ?

That can be a nice kink idea, especially with this plot. But be really carefull never use chloroform or drugs, that can be really dangerous for your partner ! Just use a clean handkerchief and let the acting do the kink. Yeah it can be quite boring for the girl, just hope the guy cum quickly !

young woman chloroform rape video
Remember it’s only fantasy with actors !

Actress : Casual girl who make a good job

Not acting is also good acting, even if it must be difficult for women to not react to a dick inside them. To make your own opinion you can watch other chloro movies.

Actor : He do the job quite well

But nothing special, you can notice that he jerk quite quickly too. Wich is nice because often video are really long. That make the scene more real feeling, with more touching and less fucking.

Date: September 20, 2022

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