Brutal JAV
Brutal JAV
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When customs officers gangrape a tourist for drugdealing


Customs officer abuse of their power

Here a relly good and brutal movie where a sexy busty and curvy young woman get gang raped in a customs officer office.

A new movie of great quality ! I know that many of you love the gangrape category, it’s the part of the site with the most visit.

violent gangrape at a customs office
Not the best way to make her speak, but it make her scream
Penny Pax hard anal rape porn gang bang
Her pussy and her ass will be deflored

Never travel alone in foreign country

Penny Pax came to Mexico for tourism, she always wanted to visit this country. She love mexican culture and old civilisation, but she will discover it’s darkest side.

While she get in the dormitory, the owner put some cocain in her bag and call the customs service… Two men broke in her place and get her to the office for a interogation, they want to know who is her dealer !

But as she’s innocent, she beg that she have no idea.

“Please, It’s not mine, I don’t know where it come from, please release me. I’m just a american student, call my family, I beg you”

But here in Mexico, the police is not soft, as she don’t want to speak they will use the hard way. First they start to molest her breast, her boobs ar big and soft, they like it.

“You know if you don’t talk we gonna fuck and rape you, as you are a criminal we can do it !”

But she can’t give any reply, she’s the victim of a cruel trap. With brutality they rip her cloth and underwear, molest her pussy and start to force her to suck their dicks.

To broke her mind they start to penetrate her pussy and her ass, they want her to feel pain and deliver all her secret… Their violence know no limit but it’s only the first day…

Left alone in a prison, she hope that her torture end is near… But worse is coming. For the second day they rape her in her cell, on the bed ! They fuck her two hole together, while pushing their sex in her mouth.

It’s not just for work, they love to fuck this girl, her innocent face make them horny. To finish they tied her in a bed, each of them force her pussy until he jerk on her face.

The road to liberty is full of cum and brutal sex

Violent gangrape at mexican customs office
They roughly rape her on their desk the first day
Penny Pax handcuff rape on a bed in a prison
The second day they rape her in her cell

Rape porn review : A+, amazing one

This movie is among the best you could find ! The plot and acting are great !!!

My favorite part is when they fuck her on the bed, her breast jiggling with the violence of the fuck.

And the actress look really casual, wich make it almost real (it’s fake hopefully) with a nice natural body, Penny Pax is good in rape porn. And her innocent angel face make it even better.

All the guys will please every women who love hard, rough and muscular guys.

Penny Pax rape at customs office




Jiggling boobs


Rough and brutal




Natural girl



  • Nice natural girl
  • Very great acting
  • The last part in the bed
  • The plot and scenery
  • One of the best you will ever watch
Date: December 4, 2020

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