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Drug Dealers gang capture and rape two ladies


Ladies should be more careful

This movie from is about two ladies who want to spy a gang hideout.

For them it’s thrilling to watch those bad guys in action, but they will discover more than they seek !

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Catch by the drug dealers, they gonna abuse them
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Bad guys love to abuse women

Sacha and Cindy are two wild young woman, they love to be in trouble situation to feel alive.

Sacha is the leader, she a slim dark hair lady with a generous natural breast. While Cindy is the follower, she also slim but with small tits, she always feel less sexy than Sacha she admire a lot.

“Come I have found something interesting in the forest”

“Are you sure it’s not dangerous ?”

“No, if we don’t get catch it will be ok”

But this time it will not be ok ! The drug dealers have spot the ladies since a long time and are ready to catch them ! Cindy try to escape, but it’s too late.

“So you wanted to spy us ? Why not satisfy your curiosity with our dick ?”

Tied to a pole, the two women have no choice, first they have to suck the dick of each guys. And it’s not a simple blowjob, they facefuck their mouth, it’s not everyday that you have real sexdolls to abuse.

Now it’s time to push their dick inside the pussies, One guy take and abuse Sacha in doggystyle, he love to watch her breast jiggling while he fuck her. To push their fantasy they even forced her to lick Cindy pussy.

“Tell us how taste your best friend ?”

Forced to witness the rape of each other, Sacha have only on thing in head, take her revenge…

Once they finish to cum, the guys are worn out, that the occasion… Sacha take one of their rifle and threat them, now it’s time to take their money.

“Maybe you have abused me, but now I’m rich dickhead”

But not sure that the shy Cindy will have the strength to bear this pain and humiliation…

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Rough doggystyle for Sacha
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Cindy is fucked while Sacha is forced to watch

Rape porn review : A, two for one

Sadly the quality is old DVD or VHS, the movie is not a recent one. But I quite like it. Sacha with her slim busty body is quite sexy and Cindy it’s bad they don’t fuck her more.

The scene of facefucking is quite good too, it’ a soft rape fantasy, not hard like the previous movie. So maybe some may not like it.

Let see with the voting !

Two ladies rape by two drug dealers




Girl appealing


Setting up




Wild girls



  • Two for the price of one
  • Nice facefucking


  • Bad resolution
Date: January 30, 2021

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