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Sexy slim blonde forced on a sofa

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Hand tied and fuck by force on a sofa

Juliette never though she will be raped on her sofa, she never ever fuck on it… But things change, a guy came for a job interview at her home, but that was a trap.

Danielo always come to pretty woman place, that he know single, to rape them in their home. His prey today is Juliette, he stalked her since 2 months, watching her lovely ass from far away…

He really like her slim body and long blonde hair, he swear he will do anything to fuck her butt… So he join her by phone with an incredible job opportunity… What a mistake to accept…

slim blonde fingered on a sofa
He really love her ass, and to finger her pussy

He put her schackle and rape her

Before she could ever resist, he tied her with shackle and start to undress her… She beg him to stop, but she was afraid, alone and frail… What could she do, he’s stronger…

He start to abuse her with his finger and sextoys, penetrate deep inside her was making him horny… She’s really the best slut he caught in his scheme !
While she was moaning, he became obsessed by her sweet mouth… Must be great to be inside !

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he can’t resist to fuck her mouth

He fill her mouth with his dick

What a lovely lips, his dick can’t stop to grow while he forcing his way… Damn if I don’t stop I’ll cum before ravishing this pussy.
But it’s so good, he hardly can stop, but the call of the pussy is too strong !

While she’s still ready, her push her on the sofa and start to drill her vagina in doggystyle way. With her tigh ass it was perfect, he was horny like never before… He wish that could happen everyday… If only she could be his wife…

But every story have an end, and it’s time for the final degredation, Danielo will cum on her face… A creampie is too much soft, he want to show her how he loved to fuck her. Even if she didn’t like it…

doggystyle rape on a sofa
Finaly he rape her vagina while she cry in pain

My rape porn review : One of the best – A

This movie is really good, the girl is cute, have a nice body and lovely ass… The acting is good, I really love her face, despair and pain while she’s forced on her sofa, hoping for an end.

And this oral sex scene is really good, I wish to see more like thise, hope you will enjoy this movie !

slim blonde raped on a sofa
On her sofa he forced his dick through her slim body

Sofa, rape and slim blonde a long love story !

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It’s an old CNC porn, the quality is not the best, but the acting is !

Date: September 6, 2023

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