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Worker decide to rape his employer


Employer but too much sexy

This plumber came to repair the kitchen, but with such sexy employer he rather fuck her than work. He decide that rape her is better than get paid.

Be carefull women, when you are pretty and lonely don’t hire anybody ! Some worker can abuse you like in this movie…

worker undress and molest a woman
Her sexy dress make him horny and lusty
Worker force oral sex to his female employer
As many rapist, he love forced oral sex

To be sexy is not a crime

In this video we could think that the girl is raped because of her sexy dress… It’s one of the lame excuse for rapist… Women have the right to wear the cloth she want, and none of them deserve to be raped.

It’s true that to be in a room with a sexy woman can be really appealing… But human are not beast, and every men should be able to control his pulsion. The dress is not the reason, the fault is from the guy.

Frustration should not be a reason to be criminal, if you want to fuck a sexy girl there is lot of escort site with pretty women ready to have sex with anybody. You can even rent Pornstar with your buck !

Some of them also accept soft domination fantasy, so earn money and have fun without hurting anyone is the best choice 🙂

The fantasy of the leading woman destroyed

Men don’t like when a woman give them order, especialy when they are cute and sexy. In this case they want to fuck her and show who is the boss !

Worker rape in doggystyle his employer
She got a wonderfull ass, the scene is hot

Rape porn review : This guy love pantyhose

This is a good movie, the acting is not to be real but more in fantasy and role play. The girl is really sexy and have a hot natural body.

And I love the way this guy is into pantyhose fantasy, he can’t stop masturbate on them.

I don’t know where this movie is from, but I would like to see more from this studio.

Worker rape his employer




Girl appealing


Setting up




Pantyhose fetish



  • natural beauty
  • Nice facefucking
Date: March 4, 2021

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