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Slim Tanya raped in the kitchen


Slim body are always seen like sexy, many men love thin body women but this will not help the poor Tanya.

She was quietly doing the dishes in the kitchen when her floor mate Ivan came and Knock her. They shared the appartement for few month and he Always dreamed to fuck her !

A guy is blocking a slim girl on the floor
He push her on the floor to undress her slim body

Too strong to resist

Ivan is a bulk man, and Tanya is frail, she’s immediatly afraid and Don’t offer resistance. As she’s in the ground, he want to remove her cloth, but first he force her to a blowjob… He been dreaming of it since month, he want to cum in her cute face.

blonde teen is forced to blowjob
He push his dick in her mouth even if she try to resist

He will rape her on the ground

Once satisfied he will remove her cloth and fuck her, he Always loved her long leg and small ass. He’s so horny that he can’t take the time to enjoy her pussy, he also forced her ass !

The nightmare is long, while she beg for mercy, but she know he will never stop… She just hope that he finish her rape the more fast as possible. He deliverance came when he will do a last vile act… And cum in her mouth as last humiliation.

Russian teen raped in the ass
He fuck her in many way and even in the ass

The rape porn review : a great from russiandomination

One more movie from the Russian era, this one is really good, I really love the blowjob part when she try to resist.

And the actress is really nice, really good body and cute face, she look like any girlfriend you Always dream to fuck.

Did you like this movie ? And do you want more of Russian rape porn ? She tell me in the comment !

Date: August 4, 2019

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