Aizen and Grimmjow rape and abuse Orihime

The all mighty Aizen love to fuck busty chick

Here another popular manga with Bleach, and his incarnation of evil Aizen Sōsuke. The famous work of Tite Kubo, was member of the big three with Naruto and One Piece.

The story is about mighty Shinigamis protecting the world from voracious Hollows, especially the hero Ichigo Kurosaki. And as all famous manga, Bleach also have his bunch of sexy waifus, and the most hot of them is the delicious Orihime Inoue. Who could resist to her cute angelic face, and her massive and wonderfull tits !

Evil guys like Aizen always love virgin cunt

The story take place when Aizen is planning his attack in Hueco Mundo. He’s quietly fucking two females arrancars, when Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez suddenly interrupt the orgy. He came with an hostage from mortal world, the sexy Orihime, and her mysterious ominpotent power.

The boss of Hueco Mundo is pleased to have a such pretty and exciting guest. And he’s more than thrilling to rape and abuse her body. Human woman can be so fascinating, his lust can’t stop his head to desire her.

Her breast and her ass are like a symphony of sexual appeal. So he decide to offer her virginity to Grimmjow, as her power of “the rejection” can turn her virgin again. Sōsuke’s evil has no boundary !

Aizen rape the beautiful Orihime in Bleach hentai

Looking for more Bleach Dojin ? Why not take a read with Rangiku Matsumoto fucked by force. Shinigami Zanpuko don’t help when you face sexual violence and perversion.

Rangiku Matsumoto rape by Izuru Kira dojinshi – Bleach (

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