Rangiku Matsumoto rape by Izuru Kira dojinshi

The hottest Bleach woman Rangiku Matsumoto

Every manga reader know the name of Rangiku Matsumoto ! Her glamour body and massives tits are famous over the world. The vice-captain of the 10th division of Gotei 13, is famous with the help of the manga Bleach. Among all the popular Waifus of the manga, she easily the hottest, and she also inspire a lot of fantasy, like this one.

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The scene take place during the first season of the story, at the begining of Aizen treason, when Izuru fight her to stop her. In the manga Rangiku trash Izuru easily as her Zanpuko is not affected by Wabisuke shikai.

But in this Dojin, the story is different, as he manage to trap her with a device blocking reiatsu. Powerless, she can defend herself against the sexual assault of the Shinigami. Her busty and curvy body will endure all perversion ending her innocence.

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