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Brutal JAV
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Time stop forced sex on a slim teen


Time stop, one of the big fantasy of men ! Imagine you can stop the time when you want and do what you dream to any woman ?

Robomeats is a serie of movie about this fantasy, where people can freeze time and abuse of pretty women, in this movie the victim is Willow Hayes.
She’s abused by a couple of pervert who like to play with her slim sexy body

Time stop rape porn fantasy
What a fine nice ass to fuck

Willow Hayes ? Rape pron actress ?

This new actress is playing many forced sex movie, this is the first of, but you may found more in future, stay alert !

She’s quite good, she accept rough fuck and facefuck, her face is quite cute and she got a nice body. Her tits is small but have good shape, they are still pretty.

And in this movie, not acting is acting 😀 ! She play well the frozen girl and the surprise everytime she’s freed.

forced facefucking Willow Hayes
She can’t say no, she can’t even move

30% of men would raped if not caught

That movie make me think of some statistic… Some studies say that, if they were sure to be safe, 30% of men would rape if possible… 60% if they are drunk.

That terrifying, even if I like the fetish fantasy, it should stay just fantasy ! Rape is violence, and it’s hurt people, many suffer of it, there is no fun and no satisfaction !

Keep it watching porn with willing and paid actress, but never watch real footage, or abused actress !

Willow Hayes beg for help porn
She beg for help, but her father think she’s a slut

My rape porn review : Good, B+

I’m not fond on freeze and unconscious porn, but I admit this movie is quite good. The scene when they stop reezing her are nice, she’s surprise and afraid, acting is good.

I can say that it’s one of the best movie from robomeats

Date: July 22, 2019
Actors: Willow Hayes

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