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Forced and witness : two girlfriends in big trouble


Some good forced and witness rapeporn

Russian rapeporne site Forced and witness offer some special feature. All the rape scene has a spectator forced to watch his(her) friend, wife or sister abused.

Some of those videos were the greatest of the russian era, I think they must have sell many membership before streaming kill them.

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He kock out one of the girl to fuck the other
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Blonde abuse in front of her best friend

The sdcene take plance in Russia, in the city of Kaliningrad. A young thief enter in a appartement to find so value to steal… But time are difficult for everyone and he can’t find anything.

But at the same moment, the two girls living her come back from a afterwork. They are not cautious of the danger awaiting them, and are surprise by the burglar who suddenly attack them.

He knock out one of the girl and jump on the other… Maybe he can find something interesting finaly, this girl is cute and sexy. She wear a short green dress and seem to have a nice ass.

But after tying her up he have to take care of the other girl, to attach her to a chair. Now he’s sure that no one will disturb him while he rape this sexy lady.

He found this situation exciting, to abuse this young woman in front of her friend is kinky and he like it. As he wear a mask, is identity is safe and he can take time to fuck her.

Once he finish, he will cum in her face, he always dream to do that one day… And he leave the place with the two girl tieds and one half naked…

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Is not here only to steal the appartement
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Her sexy dress was the reason he choose to rape her.

Rape porn review : Above average

Not the best of forced and witness, but still a good from russia. The bad point is that the guy have a slack dick, and lack of lust.

The acting of the girl is quite nice, even tied she’s not passive. The movie is quite rare, it’s rarely seen in other tube site, so enjoy it fully !

Rape in front of her best friend




Girl appealing


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Date: February 13, 2021

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