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Doctor rape a pretty russian babe


The doctor rape fantasy is not so much common

While reality is not as true as there is many doctor rape case on anesthesia patient. In this video the healer can’t wait her to sleep, the attack is brutal and rough !

In Moscow you should take care of doctor, some are vile rapist. This pretty woman call one at home, but he only seek weak prey to fuck.

Russian doctor forced patient to fuck
He can’t wait to fuck her
hideous video of a doctor rape action
Violent and rough fuck on the poor lady

She was sick and she will be raped

Yelena don’t feel good today, it seem she had an headache, so she decide to call a doctor. But in Russia, to be a sexy woman is fangerous, even in front of a, what it seem, honest man.

The healer couldn’t resist in front of Yelena slim and sexy body. Her long leg and nice round ass turned him crazy, he decide to strip the feeble woman and rape her.

Don’t resist while doctor rape you

In her state, the poor Yelena could barely resist while Yvan suck her tits and touch all her body. She can’t imagine, that man going to fuck her while she’s so weak… Men can really be cruel and pervert.

russian doctor rape video
Nice slim body and big lust of guy
Forced sex from a healer on a nude woman
When doctor want to enter inside a woman

Russian rape review : Nice girl, with ok acting – A

Really love this girl, she play in many movie, with nice acting and she got a nice tall body.

It’s not her best movie, but keep following this site to find the others ! But if you are looking for more russians production take a look to the brutal rape of Olia, it’s a really good production !

Date: July 25, 2022

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