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Cute russian bride rape by a maniac


Russian sex maniac are everywhere

This rape actor look like a crazy maniac and most of his movie are good. In this one he assault a beautiful bride in her home.

The actress is also the one of one of the best rape porn ever made. At this time she was younger, but always as good !

Skinny man rape beautiful young woman
He fuck this cute bride on the ground
violent maniac rape bride porn video
Nothing can save her of his lust and desire

Russian bride violation fantasy

It’s not a common fantasy, and I have seen it mostly in russian movies. There is some Brazzers movie with bride, but there are only few, like this one with a busty blonde. But there was two russians sites dedicated to this fantasy (dead today) and I forgot the name of the other.

But you can find almost one hundred movie in this theme… I’ll share some with time, but uploading take time. And I don’t think I have so much of them, I’ll have to search in my hard drive.

If you want more movie like that keep upvoting for it, more will come ! I have a lot of russian stuff waiting to see internet !

pretty cute young woman striping
A cute young body that arise desire
Maniac rape pretty russian bride
He turn crazy when he see her

Rape porn review : A good one in this theme

It’s one of my favorite on the bride theme. First I really like the actress, she’s cute and natural, kind of girl everymen love. And she’s a good actress.

I like also the actor, he play in many good russ movies. I love the way he crave for sex, kissing all the body… Without violence he force his way in the girls body.

Many scene are good like the doggystyle and how he fuck her in the ground. It seem you rating appreciate it also !

Maniac love to rape bride




Girl appealing


Setting up




Russian Beauty



  • natural beauty
  • good acting from both
  • One of the best in bride them
Date: March 13, 2021

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