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The repair of the washing machine turn in CNC video

A classic repairman CNC video, who came to repair the washing machine raping the cute owner. It’s a really common plot in russian movies, this time is from the site

A good porn movie with a slim young woman often fuck bent over the machine. With anal and oral sex, today update will make you horny !

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Time to pay with your flesh

Why the repair guy rape fantasy ?

I think it’s because many vanilla porn have the repairman fantasy… We all know this plot, it’s always a plumber or a mechanic who come to repair the washing machine or the sink. And guess there is always a lonely woman who need his help, but it’s soooo hot in the place, that she have to remove her cloth, and she’s sooo lonely that she need also a good fuck.

This fantasy is so common in the early day of porn movie, that forced sex have to corrupt it ! Now it’s often a lonely sexy young woman who need help for mending, and she never have enough money. As it’s impossible for a guy to work for free, he offer some natural payment… Something girl always refused… It’s bad, he don’t really need money but really need to fuck her, so he decide to rip her cloth and abuse her !

That not a good thing for sure, even if the girl is a dickhead to cheat your payment, it’s not a good excuse to rape her. It’s better to call the police and find an agreement. I hope most problem are not resolve the same way as this movie… But in reality a mad russian plumber Andrey Yezhov, murder and rape many women during 10 years.

So be safe and careful from wich you open the door !

bent over washing machine CNC video
brutal fuck is better than money

Rape porn review : Bent over good ! – B

This movie is nice, even if the girl may be too much casual for some guy, it make it nice. Th acting is quite good and the way her fuck her by behind is quite hot.

A bit more struggle would have been better like this other movie from, but we are not smooth mouth, this video have all quality for good rape porn ! And it’s in HD !!!

brutal CNC video on a washing machine
Only her cunt can satisfy his hunger

Look for a better CNC video ?

This video is good, but this site got more better from the same site. Like the rape roleplay with Shirley Harris, if you love girl with big tits you, this video is for you.

But there is lot more on the site, and more that will come almost everydays ! anal rape on slim young woman
The pussy is not enough, he want anal too
Date: November 14, 2022

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