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Charm and cruel Italian beauty salieri rape


Italian beauty and rape fantasy

The good side of salieri movie it’s that all actress are Italian beauty. In this on a busty darkhair sexy lady fall to rape at gunpoint.

As all Salieri’s movies the victim is a busty woman, with natural tits, he really love beautiful curvy women… As many men !

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All rape begin with oral sex, when guy are gentleman

He came a night to rape her

Angela is a rich woman, she live in a palace and have a driver to serve her. After a long dat of working she come back at home late at night, just the time to say goodnight to her driver, she’s happy to have some rest.

But all don’t go as she hope, inside her house wait Antonio… One of her employe she had fired last month… Without job and in despair he only seek revenge on the woman who ruined his life.

“This bitch took my dignity, now I’ll fuck her, I’m gonna rape her”

With a gun, Antionio is waiting quietly, he know she don’t have alarm in her house, and that she live alone… Once she’s in he grap her and threat her !

“Hy boss, do you remember me ? I forgot to let you a last gift before I quit my job, now you will suck my dick for your life”

Even all her money can’t save Angela from the humiliation and violence of a rape. The man she once command now dominate and abuse her in her own home… No place are safe !

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Rape porn review : Salieri classic

Not the best of Mario Salieri, a bit too short, but still a good movie. You will love this natural dark hair beauty.

I will post better movie latter, but I have to find them and upload them, which take time.

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Date: September 24, 2020

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