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Outstanding gangrape in a famous night club toilet


Night club in japan mean wild sex

One of the best serie from japan porn, the gang rape in club ! When girls goes in toilet and find a bunch of guys ready to fuck them.

This is more than 2 hours of forcedsex fantasy, whith really hot and sexy girl used and abused. Don’t wait longer and dive in sexual perversion !

Night club gang rape in japan
Men just spread from cabin to rape lonely girl
Japanese viol rape porn in toilet of nightclub
No girl will escape of this nightmare

Even toilet are not safe !

Club Camelot is famous in all japan to be the best place to have fun… But some guys don’t have the same meaning of fun. For them it’s to fuck a bunch of women and the hardest way possible !

So they wait in the toilet, each one in a cabin waiting for a sexy girl to come… Once they spot the good one they start to molest and grob her. They always resist but they don’t care, alone she have no chance to escape.

Tonight they abuse three girls, one hot busty chick, another with a lovely butt and the last one is a skiny wasted by alchool. All of them will feel many dick in their pussy.

Each women hope for a security guard or someone hear their cry, but the music is too loud. The first one is finish roughly by a single rapist, but he fuck her roughly. She came to enjoy some good music, she will end with her worst day.

The second one after being forced to suck all their dick, is fucked while she masturbate other guys… They jerk their cum on her face as thanks for the moment.

The last one have drink too much, she can’t even resist… first they cim in her mouth, then fuck her in doggystyle over the washbasin. Banging her frail body all over the place.

An hard night that will be remembered.

Club toilet hard gangrape porn from japan
She try to resist but her struggle in not enough

Rape porn review : S+ One of the best of Japan

I really love this series, it’s what japan do the best in acting, plot and sexy girl. My favorite is the first one, love how the guy fuck her in the toilet.

The struggle of the second one is good too, and their sexy outfit make all the movie better.

There is a seconde movie as good as this one, i’ll post it later ! Wish to have more time to share it, patience is gold.

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Gangbang rape villainy in the best club toilet


Acting quality


Sexy outfit


Useless struggle


Fuck with lust


movie length



  • Sexy girls
  • Three for one movie
  • Plot and acting
  • Some really good fucking scene
  • Two hours of porn


  • Japanese censorship
Date: December 8, 2020

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