Jewelry Bonney terrible rape by her crew and Blackbeard

One of the hottest waifu from One Piece, Jewelry Bonney

One of the Worst Generation, but also of the hottest woman in One PieceJewelry Bonney ! She’s also the only girl among those pirates crew, and one of the favorite of the readers of the manga.

In this Dojinshi, she’s in big trouble… Her crew after the Summit War of Marineford, fall to the attack of the marine… She manage to escape but get herself block with Seastone handcuffs, at mercy to any men…

It don’t take long for her own crew to take advantage of the situation… Now their captain is just a vulnerable pretty and sexy woman, without her absurd strength they can fuck and rape her.

Their joy and lust will not last long… Because a biggest sexual predator join the party in the name of Marshall D. Teach, known as Blackbeard. And the future Yonkou as only one thing in his head, use the gura gura devil fruit power in his dick. With the power of tremor Jewelry pussy and mind will brake to unresistible sensation !!!

Here the new forced sex manga for today, the graphism are really good, adly I only got the japanese version. If I find an english version I’ll update the book. Enjoy the reading.

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