Dragon ball Z : Fake Nameks trap to rape Bulma

Here a doujinshi in the universe of Dragon Ball Z

This section need at least the most popular manga to be complete, Dragon Ball Z. This doujin take place in a part of the anime as filler that can’t be find in the manga.

Bulma, Gohan and Krillin visit a planet that they think it’s Namek, but fall in the trap of two telepathic aliens. Not the most memorable part, without this Dojin I would forgot it. But the drawer Yamamoto put it back in life and memory, in a more sexual way.

This time it’s not only the space ship that got their attention… The sweet young woman body of Bulma, also is part of their goal. Those guys were stuck in this planet for 300 years without fucking, a human can do the job !

And the poor Bulma will be forced to give them more pleasure than they could expect. At keast that bad filler could give some rape fantasy manga.

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