Boyfriend get his sexual revenge

When love turn in violent sexual revenge

Here the first of the new section, with a sexual revenge story, hope you will like it !

Sue considered the turns her life had taken as she was making her way home from work. She had fled her home at a young age because her family was violent. She has established a good life for herself and a good profession, but she is now discovering that the guys she chose to date have led to her demise. Although her current boyfriend doesn’t typically physically beat her, he is hard with her and treats her poorly. She worries that at any moment, as it did with her previous relationships, physical violence would begin. She has made a terrific acquaintance at work and has a great guy she confides in. But nothing had ever happened; they were just buddies.

As she makes her way home, she is aware that she needs to end her relationship with Brad before things worsen, but she has struggled in the past to let go of relationships and take actions that might hurt other people. She is thinking about all of this as she pulls into the driveway and enters through the front door.

As she enters the house, she notices that Brad has already arrived; based on the expression on his face, she anticipates another altercation. He says, “Sue, come with me. I have something to show you.” He opens the basement door as she follows him there. She inquires, “What the hell do you need to show me down there,” with a sinking feeling of dread because she has no idea what to expect. His grip on her upper arm is tight.He pulls her along while yelling “Just get down there” before slamming the door. She recognizes Brad’s pals, 3 boys and Denise, who she has previously met, at the bottom of the stairs.

Boyfriend sexual revenge story
She feel pain in a sexual revenge

Brad is not the man he seem to be

Looking at Brad “What’s going on?” Sue asks…a look of fear and curiosity in her eyes. “Look bitch, I know about the guy at work that you have been screwing, Mark. No woman of mine is going to pull that shit”. Sue backs away, not knowing that Brad new anything about Mark, but they were just friends…she tries to protest her innocence. Brad grabs her pulling her arms behind her back…Sue, you are going to get all the fucking you want this weekend…maybe then you won’t go to someone else”. She feels her arms pulled painfully back behind her, she struggles as she hears him tell the others “strip her”.

She stares in horror as his friend Alex approaches her, his hands squeezing and clamping on her breasts as her boyfriend holds her while she resists. She tries to stop him, but she can only watch helplessly as his hands squeeze her tits while she feels the lust in his gaze. Her breasts are no longer covered by her bra as his hands leave her breasts exposed and reach for her top, grabbing it with both hands and ripping off the buttons. Another one of Brad’s friends, Darren, takes a knife out of his pocket and sharpens it.Sue watches in horror as he puts it between her breasts; she can feel the bra pulling as he cuts the straps, and her breathing becomes labored.She groans in a raspy voice, “No.”

Two friends join the sexual revenge

As she fights, Darren and Alex each stroke her breasts. She shuts her eyes and feels a hand between her legs, touching her through her trousers. When she opens her eyes, Darren is kneeling and taking her jeans off. She attempts to do anything to stop him by moving or twisting, but her boyfriend’s hold is far too tight.She feels as her jeans are yanked down her legs as she observes. She is horrified and humiliated as her underwear is ripped off, exposing her to the other people’s eyes.She notices the three men all glancing her way, the lust written all over their faces. She turns away as she sees Denise fondling her own breasts while she watches, hoping for assistance from another lady.

“Let’s get her to the table and get started,” Brad is heard saying. She is dragged over to the large wooden table that has been in the basement for many years by him. She is pushed up against it and thrown down onto her back; he holds her arms and pins her while Denise holds one leg and Alex the other.She cries out in fear as her legs are being torn apart as Brad orders him to “spread her.” As she watches Darren untie his pants and drag them down to reveal his firm cock for the first time, she feels her open pussy being held at waist height on the table. She tries to pull away as he gets closer.

She cries out, “Brad…no…I didn’t do anything,” while struggling against the hands restraining her. She looks up at her lover while she does this. She feels the cock at her pussy pressing as she turns, his hands now on her hips as he pounds into her, and she can see the rage in his eyes. Her fists and eyes clench as she is taken without her will; she feels an unwelcome cock’s entrance for the first time; he stretches and fills her. She hears Brad scream, “Harder, fuck her so she feels it,” as Darren shoves himself into her and she continues to struggle feebly.

She is rocked against the table as Darren pushes his cock into her, making her groan as he pumps into her. She watches his face as he collides with her and begs for it to stop because she feels violated and betrayed. She fights as she senses his cock beginning to throb and knows he is nearby.When she continued to struggle, he lost control and shot her with his cum. “Ohhhh….Godddd, leaves her lips…revulsion at what had happened…but at the end her body had begun to betray her…some small pleasure… As Darren lies over her, gasping and perspiring, Sue considers that at least it is over.

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