Advent children : Loz rape Tifa Lockhart

Many know Final Fantasy 7 : Advent Children and the epic fight between Loz and Tifa. How many of you would have take the opportunity to fuck one of the hottest video game babe !

This Doujinshi will fullfil this desire, Loz will use all his power to submit and fuck Tifa Lockhart. With her tight waist and massive boobs, she’s in every little boy dream since 1997.

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Tifa Lockhart sexual Fantasy

This babe is one of the big phantasm of video games players, with Chun-li and Lara Croft. It’s from the time when video games is not only with muscular guys, and sexy girls came to join the fight.

Not only to be save like Peach or Zelda, those girls like to show their strenght, and hot bodies. And I can tell you it was a good find from devellopers !!!

With more fantasy, boys spent a lot of money to watch 3D boobs, and more and more sexual oriented game were born. Like Dead or Alive, famous for the jiggling tits of the female fighters… Perverts japanese mind know no limits !

I think lot of young guys took pleasure watching Tifa in Advent Children, and more in the new Remake.

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