A mutant Licker rape Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield in tentacle rape

Some may love some tentacle or strange creature rape. That’s a common fantasy in japan, many hentai and anime show that fetish.

In this Resident evil Doujin the victim is Claire Redfield, a Licker fall and attack her. His goal ? Fuck her to spread his semence.

The drawing is not top quality, but Bio Hazard doujin are rare !

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Claire was one of the main caracter in Resident Evil 2 with Leon. She seek her big brother Chris Redfield, who disapeared at Racoon City.

Although she’s seen in some Bio Hazard game, she’s not the favorite female caracter. Most of the player got more love for Jill Valentine. I’ll post soon some manga with Jill, keep following.

3 thoughts on “A mutant Licker rape Claire Redfield

  1. really great story-line!!! too bad it is so damned short lol on a more serious note, will you do, or make part -2 etc.

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