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Sandie Caine sexualy abused


Abused because she opened her door !!! What a sad fate, she always though that her neighbor was a nice man… He always was warm and say hello, helping when he can.

But she could not ever have a glimpse of intiution that he was a rapist… A pervert waiting for the perfect moment to fuck her, and today is this moment.

Busty blonde undress and abused in her home
Sandie Caine is undress and ready to be raped

Old but still sexy

Even if she’s near her 50 years old, she still have a sexy body, with big natural tits and still a nice ass. Sure you can find younger and better, but it’s not easy and rare.

As he didn’t have many choice, he decide to drug her, and use this opportunity to bang her in her home. The best is that she will not remember of what happened.

He stick his dick in her mouth, damn that was so long he didn’t touch a woman…

Drugged Milf abused in doggystyle
He abused of her pussy while she’s unconscious

My rape porn review : good need better quality

The sad part with old good movie is that HD didn’t exist back in time… So the resolution quality is a bit bad, but the movie is good.

If you want more movie with older women, just ask I’ll upload more of them !

Date: July 31, 2019
Actors: Sandie Caine

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