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Drunk student abused at party


Student party are not always the better place for cute girl. Sarah passed her exams and was happy, she wanted to have fun, and she went to the biggest feast of Los Angeles.

Thousand peopled dancing, infinite drugs and alchool to turn your mind… The paradise ? Not it will be her hell !

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While everyone dance and drink, Sarah is alone in a room. Some guys came, find her really sexy, and start to remove her cloth… Removing her red underwear and bra, the can touch her smooth and big tits.

One of them startto lick her pussy, while she still sleep… She barely can open her eyes, all is so Dizzy around her.

Naked, they start to put their finger in her pussy, she still unconscious, will they stop ?

No, they want more, another decide to have a blowjob with her mouth. He never had a girlfriend to suck him, that it’s his chance !

Satisfy by the oral sex, he want now to fuck her… She’s a bit more awake, but can’t understand what happening, even when he fuck her vagina.

And he fuck her in many way, in font, by behind, it take pleasure of her body in every way. Fuck her hardly, until he can’t keep it up and decide to cum on her face… He Don’t want to be father… And clean his dick in her mouth.

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Date: October 28, 2019

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